Policies and Procedures



It is important that all students possess the knowledge and skills necessary to make nutritious and enjoyable food choices for a lifetime.  In addition staff are encouraged to model healthy eating as a valuable part of daily life.

Through the development of this policy, a commitment has been made to several important aspects of the environment that contribute to creating a healthy school.  These include:
1.    Provision of food that is consistent with the National Food and Nutrition Guidelines
2.    Development of consistent messages about healthy eating through out the school
3.    Providing a food service that supports and reinforces classroom nutrition
4.    Recognition of the positive influence that staff can have as role models for healthy eating

•    To encourage children and families to be responsible for their own health.
•    To ensure that students receive clear, consistent messages about the importance of healthy eating.
•    To provide healthy foods that are value for money.
•    To be sensitive to family and cultural issues.

•    Students will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own health through classroom programmes.
•    All staff members will be encouraged to model healthy eating behaviours.
•    Food choices at school will be based on Heart Foundation recommendations and will support and reinforce what students learn about nutrition in the classroom.
•    Fruit will be available at all times.
•    Steps will be taken to discourage the consumption of foods high in fat, sugar or salt.
•    Appropriate food safety practices will be in place.
•    Students will not be permitted to leave school grounds during the school day to purchase food or beverages.


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