How To Enrol

Please feel free to look at a copy of the Enrolment Form before coming to see us at Sylvia Park School. ALL forms are available on the day of enrolment.

Enrolment times at school are from 11:30am-12:00pm and 1:30pm - 2:00pm.

Contact the School Office for more information:

by phone: (09) 527-6526 

by email:


New Zealand born children:

Please bring the following documents which are required by the Ministry of Education as part of school enrolment:

  1. New Zealand Birth Certificate
  2. New Zealand Passport


If your child was not born in New Zealand you require the following documentation:

  1. Student / Work Visa
  2. Permanent Residence
  3. Please bring all Passports of family members (Child, Mother, Father)

The Following is a READ ONLY copy of the

Permission Information Form

  Student’s Surname:                  ___________________________________________  

Student’s First Name:               ___________________________________________    

Education Out-side the Classroom

I give my child permission to attend all trips necessary for their learning while they are attending Sylvia Park School. These trips are part of the curriculum and are not optional. We will always send home notices outlining trip / cost details and asking for parents and volunteers to help of course.   Are there any health problems that we should be aware of? Please write details below: 

Health Problems:   
Is Medication required at school if Yes please list  

Photo Permission

I give permission to use photographs / video of my child while taking part in various activities at school. These photos could appear on our website or on promotional material or other forms of media e.g newspaper, TV etc.    

Internet Safety - please read the attached Cybersafety Use Agreement

I have read the internet Safety Policy and understand that my child is responsible for using school equipment as outlined. I have discussed this agreement with my child and explained its importance and the consequences for breaking this agreement. I understand that Sylvia Park School will do its best to restrict access to any material which is contrary to the special character of Sylvia Park School, would cause embarrassment to the school or be illegal to have. It is my child’s responsibility to have no involvement with such material.   I give permission for my child to be given access at the school to the internet and email.    

Mutukaroa-Parent Centre-Ariana Williams All parents / caregivers will have access to specific information advice concerning their child’s learning.   This is provided both by the teacher and our school community learning centre, Mutukaroa.                   Signed:___________________________________________                      Date:________________                                       Parent / Caregiver 

The following is a read-only copy of the Enrolment Form for Sylvia Park School.


  Date Started SPS: ______/______/ 2012-(First day of School)      Year:________ Room No:_____   Teacher:                                               National Student Number:                                     ENROL / Etap EN:
Legal surname:  Legal first name/s:
Preferred surname:  Preferred first name:
Gender: Boy                  Girl Home Language:
Date of Birth: BDV-Birth Cert No:
Country of Birth: BDV-Passport No:
Ethnicity Name Code Iwi-Hapu Name Code
1     1    
2     2    
3     3    
Previous School:                                                                                                                                                Year Level:
Place in family:            of                     Eldest child at this school:
Child Lives with:            Both Parents                 Mother              Father               Other
Title: Surname: First Name: 
Ph Home: Relationship to student:
Ph Work Country of Birth:
Mobile: Email:
Title: Surname: First Name: 
Ph Home: Relationship to student:
Ph Work Country of Birth:
Mobile: Email:
Title: Emergency Contact-Surname: First Name: Relationship to student: 
Ph Home: Ph Work: Mobile:
Did your child attend one or more ECE service(s) in the six months prior to starting school
Please entre the number of hours per week for up to 3 ECE-1 (hrs/week ECE-2 (hrs/week) ECE-3 (hrs/week)
a) Kohanga Reo      
b) Playcentre      
c) Kindergarten or Education and Care Centre      
d) Home based service      
e) Playgroup      
f) Correspondence School-Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu      
g) Attended, but outside New Zealand   Only place a tick in the box/es (g, h, i, j) at left as appropriate if section above is left blank.
h) Attended, but don’t know what type of service  
i) Did not attend  
j) Unable to establish if attend or not  
Was Early Childhood Education regularly (sessions each week / fortnight) (Please circle one) 1.   Yes for the last __________ year /s.         2.   Not regularly, only occasionally or with on-going schedule. 3.   No, did not attend ECE.
Hearing and Vision Form Completed:     Yes   /   No Immunisation Certificate: Sighted: Yes / No          Requested          Completed: Yes / No
Dental Form Completed:                                         Yes   /   No
Work Visa /Student Visa / Resident Visa/ Visitors Permit / Refugee
Student: DOE to NZ: Student Visa Expiry Date:
Father: DOE to NZ: Work Permit Expiry Date:
Mother: DOE to NZ: Work Permit Expiry Date:
Other-Visitor / Refugee:


Allergies: Sight:  
Medication required at school:         Yes   /   No Hearing:  
Other: Speech:  


Learning & Behaviour Needs  Special Needs (Background / Funding) eg CYF /ESOL/ORRS   
Other Sensitive Information   


Custody Arrangements   Yes / No / NA    
Access Restrictions        Yes / No / NA    
Court Order Issued       Yes   /   No   /N.A. (Copy of Supporting Documentation Attached)   


1. Have you got internet access at home?  
2. Would you prefer to receive the school newsletter in paper copy or read them on-line?  
3. What is your preferred method of contact?     email        landline      text      other  
  • I agree to send my child to school every day and on time.

  • When my child cannot attend school, I will let the school know by 9.00am at the latest.

   ·              Privacy Statement: The information collected will be used by the school for enrolment and forms an essential part of the information held by the school on your child. The records made from this information may be viewed on request at the school. The information collected may be disclosed to appropriate education, health and welfare authorities and for data gathering purposes by the New Zealand Ministry of Education, in accordance with the principles of the Privacy Act. It will not be disclosed to any other person or agency unless such disclosure is authorised or required by law.  

   ·              Parents Approvals: I agree that the school will take action on my behalf in case of sudden illness or injury, to abide by the school’s policies, that my child’s work and image may be used in accord with the school’s online publishing policy / procedures and that the school may forward my child’s name and address to a potential intermediate or secondary school.  

  ·              I acknowledge that the information given on this form is true and correct in every particular.  

  ·              I agree to abide by all school policies and rules.  

Please Note: /All NEW ENROLMENTS at Sylvia Park School will wear the compulsory school uniform.   Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms      …….………..……………………………………………………………………                   SIGNATURE OF PARENT/ CAREGIVER /LEGAL GUARDIAN /GUARDIAN   Dated at Auckland this………… of…………………………..2017   This enrolment form consists of two pages   Departure Date LDS:          ______/______/______                           Year:    _____________                    New School: ________________________________________________